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Neutral Party Standby Services

Appraisals By Chuilli, LLC

APPA (Advanced Personal Property Appraiser)

Appraisals By Chuilli, LLC was created to provide

professional personal property

appraisal service to couples undergoing divorce.
It is my mission to provide both parties with a fair

and competent appraisal report

that will stand up in court.

An Unregulated Profession

Unlike real estate appraising, there is no regulation or licensing for personal property appraisers. Anyone can represent themselves as an appraisal expert, even though they have no education or training. With so much at stake, it is crucial that your appraiser has the proper training, education, and experience required to render a credible appraisal.

Who I Am

I am Jerry Chuilli, a trained and certified personal property appraiser. For over 16 years, I have been helping couples in Wisconsin undergoing divorce reach fair divisions of marital property. My appraisals have withstood every legal and technical challenge.

What I Do

Although trained for all types of personal property valuation, I specialize in

divorce-settlement appraisals that can withstand the toughest scrutiny of attorneys and win acceptance by judges in courts of law. My appraisals are written to the highest standards of my profession and with full knowledge of all legal requirements.

Other Services

Neutral party standbys appraisal reviews and expert witness.

Neutral Party Standby for Property Exchange

When married or unmarried couples separate, they are often in court soon afterward, in the context of a family court injunction or even a criminal case. One party may literally have left home with only the clothes on their back and may need to retrieve clothing or other personal effects from the residence. Sometimes, even long after a case is filed, the parties have the need to exchange personal property as part of the overall property division.
Tensions and emotions can run high throughout the time that these cases are pending, and some parties are simply unable to handle the exchange of property items without assistance. Law enforcement agencies have limited resources to devote to a standby role in these situations.

Neutral Party Standby for Child Placement Exchange

Some parents cannot or should not have personal contact with each other, for a variety of reasons, during placement exchanges. It can be very difficult to find neutral third parties who are willing to be present to help the exchanges go smoothly. Some agencies that offer placement exchange services have limited hours.

Expert Witness Testimony 

Important decisions are made based on an appraisal. Many appraisers lack knowledge of the appraisal process. They are unfamiliar with the various markets, proper methods and requirements of an appraisal. Yet, they sincerely believe they have the right to call themselves an appraiser. Many times they misrepresent credentials.

Appraisal Review

With no regulation for personal property appraisers, anyone can represent themselves as an appraisal expert. There is no training or education required. Too often people do not get their fair share in a divorce settlement. There are two ways to beat a problem appraisal. 1) Pay for another appraisal. 2) Impeach the appraiser. An appraisal review will measure the quality of work done

by the appraiser. It can give you the necessary information to effectively challenge the report. 

Home Inventory

You never know when a loss will occur.  A professional inventory of the key valuable items in your home can save you a headache should the need arise.  Many people do not realize what information is actually needed by appraisers, insurance companies or law enforcement when a theft occurs or a disaster strikes. Proper photographs, Identification and documentation are all crucial bits of information that will aid you in receiving fair compensation for your loss.

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